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Cotton Sheets Let You Sleep Soundly! Deal Alert!

I never want to sleep on sheets made of anything other than 100% Cotton like these from California Design Den. Simply put - they are superior to polyester and microfiber sheets in every way. Don't miss the Amazon Deal of the Day on January 26th for California Design Den's 100% Cotton Sheets. - lowest price ever on 400 thread count sheet sets.

Microfiber sheets are made from a type of plastic...that doesn't sound comfortable at all! Worse than that, they increase pollution in the environment. Cotton sheets are softer, environmentally-friendly, and they get softer over time unlike microfiber sheets which actually get stiffer and scratchier over time.

My personal preference is for white sheets since they look and feel so clean, but California Design Den sheets are available in lots of gorgeous colors including Lavender Gray, Vanilla Yellow, Green Sage, Peachy Blush and more - pretty prints are also available.

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