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Pristine Toilet Paper Spray - Shark Tank Product

Toilet paper alone leaves some people feeling as though they are not doing enough to keep themselves clean. Bidets are not popular in the U.S., but wipes marketed for adult use have been popping up. A big drawback in using wipes is that they are not always flushable and can cause major plumbing problems. Pristine Toilet Paper Spray is an alternative product that will be presented in the Shark Tank in Season 10.

Pristine Toilet Paper Spray is easy to use and turns toilet paper into a wet wipe. You spray the folder toilet paper with a few squirts of the spray and transform dry toilet paper into a damp wipe. It comes in portable 1 oz and 4 oz sizes, so it can be easily tucked into your bag or pocket. It is also made in larger 32 oz. bottles.

Jessica Karam Oley and her cousin Brandon Karam, both lawyers, saw the need for a safe and effective solution to work with toilet paper in improving bathroom hygiene. The worked with a chemist in formulating Pristine Cleansing Spray so that it would be environmentally-friendly and contain high quality ingredients such as aloe, apricot oil and witch hazel.

Pristine is portable, lightweight and biodegradable

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Season 10

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