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Cup Board Pro Cutting Board - Shark Tank Product

Chopping vegetables and other foods can get messy because cutting boards are quickly littered with scraps. My solution has been to use two or more cutting boards at once, but there is a better way. Keith Young, a New York City fire fighter and previous culinary arts student, created a product to solve the messy cutting board problem - the Cup Board Pro Cutting Board. His Cup Board Pro was presented to the Shark Tank on Episode 3 of Season 10 by his 3 children, Keira, Christian and Kaley Young.

Cut Pro Cutting Board Shark Tank Product

Keith passed away in March of 2018 from a rare form of Cancer which is believed to have been caused from his work as a firefighter in New York City. His children are dedicated to making their Dad's product a success.

The Young family was asking for $100K for 10% of the company. They secured a rare deal with all five of the sharks, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary and guest shark Matt Higgins, for $100K in exchange for 20% of the company. The sharks plan to donate all of their profits from sales of the Cup Board Pro to charity in honor of Keith Young.

The boards have 3 patents and cost $12.50 to make. They had only been selling for 3 weeks at the time the episode was filmed and sales had totaled 300 boards at a price of $40.00 each.

Keith came up with the idea to design a cutting board that has a cup attached to catch food juices and scraps. He designed the Cup Board Pro from bamboo, which has a natural antimicrobial surface. The board is hand-washable and the cup is dishwasher safe. The board has rubber feet to allow for a slight tilt of the board towards the cup. The cup is inserted into the cutting board and is collapsible for easy storage.

shark tank product cup pro board cutting board

Keith Young won two competitions on the Food Network Show "Chopped" and went on to win a competition against Bobby Fly on "Throwdown".

The cutting boards are in production and available on the company website and on Amazon.

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