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Ta Ta Towels Shark Tank Product

If you've ever experienced perspiration accumulating under your breasts, you understand how uncomfortable boob sweat can be and why it's time for a solution! Erin Robertson created the Ta-Ta Towel to stop boob sweat and the discomfort, irritation and rashes that can result. Erin says "Keep them high. Keep them dry!"

She appeared on Shark Tank Season 10, Episode 2, which aired on October 14, 2018 and secured a deal with Lori Greiner.

Erin was asking $200K for a 10% equity stake in her company. Her sales projections for the year were $2 million, a figure none of the sharks thought was unrealistic. Mark Cuban was the first shark to go out, followed by Robert Herjaec. Lori offered $200K for a 50% stake in the company, an offer Erin would not accept. Erin revealed that she had already lost 10% of her company to an investor, leaving her owning only 90% of the company. Erin countered at 15% and further negotiations ensured. Ultimately, Erin agreed to give 40% of her company to Lori in exchange for the requested $200K.

The Ta-Ta Towel is a combination of a bra and towel in one. Erin learned to sew and created the towel herself after experiencing the frustrating problem of having sweat accumulating and running down from her breasts after showering and blow-drying her hair. The towels have been patented and are made of stretch terrycloth and other fabrics made in the USA. They are currently available online at


Ta Ta Towels announced the deal with Lori Greiner on Facebook and on Twitter the night the show aired. This is significant because many of the deals made in the tank don't get finalized. Lori also tweeted about Ta Ta Towels several times during and following the airing.

Ta Ta Towels has an impressive 67K followers on Facebook and a modest 370 followers on Twitter.

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