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LugBug Baby Carrier Handle

Babies get moved around a lot in their carriers! They go from house to car to stroller, back to the car, to shopping to car and on and on! Lugging these baby carriers around can be difficult and uncomfortable, even physically dangerous. Nathan Day created a solution - the LugBug.

The LugBug is a lightweight yet durable and strong, ergonomically-designed handle that clips onto any single-handle baby carrier. Nathan introduced the LugBug to the Shark Tank on Octboer 14, 2018, Season 10, Episode 2.

Nathan was asking for an investment of $300K in exchange for 10% of his company. He had put in $750K of his own money in order to get the LugBug patented, make the molds and get the company started. He has an impressive $198K in sales the last year.

Robert, the father of infant twins, thought that the product was not needed and he demonstrated an alternate method of holding a baby carrier that the babies' pediatrician has shown him. All of the sharks went out and Nathan did not get a deal.

LugBug has already passed rigorous safety tests. It is approved to hold weights up to 100 pounds.


The LugBug is not available on Amazon and does not appear to be for sale anywhere online. It is listed as being "sold out" on the company website.

The product was being sold on Amazon and has 21 reviews with an average 3.4 star rating (out of a possible 5 stars). A surprising 33% of the reviews rated the product as having one star. Negative comments included that is was perceived as difficult to use, that it broke, or that it was not comfortable. Some of the very positive comments noted that the product works well, but that it works best for taller Dads.

Perhaps the product is being modified. This could account for the lack of available inventory. It could also be that the company is lacking funds to stock inventory. Stay tuned for further updates.

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