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Echo Show - Amazon Alexa Device

Amazon's Echo Show is the latest edition to our collection of Alexa devices! We already use the Echo, The Echo Dot and the Echo Spot, but couldn't resist getting the Echo Show to be able to enjoy the bigger screen and Dolby sound.

The Echo Show is can do so much, we've only begun to explore all of the options and skills. It includes everything the Amazon Echo can do, but with visuals! If you ask a question, she voices the answer and shows text and pictures on the screen.

Yes, I said "she". I could say "it", but

the device has a female voice, so I use the feminine pronoun "she". Perhaps in the future, Amazon will provide Alexa with a variety of voices with different accents and genders. If so, I'll choose a male voice with a British accent. For now, I'm happy with Alexa's female, clearly-understandable voice.

Check out my video review:

Echo Show Amazon Voice Control

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