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Smart Plugs - Etekcity Outlets

These smart plugs by Etekcity work with an app on your smart phone or tablet and they also can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

etekcity voltson smart plugs

They come two or four to a box and are easy to get up and running. We enjoy being able to control our lights and other small appliances with Alexa and with our phones.

These smart plugs with with the VeSync app, which you can download from the app or play store or you can get it by scanning the QR code that is provided.

Levoit Voltson Etekcity smart home

There are lots of cool features provided, such as the ability to set timers for outlets. If you want the house to light up at a specific time on certain days or even every day, you can set the app accordingly.

One of the really useful functions of these plugs is their ability to monitor and report electrical usage. You can get the information right on your smart phone or tablet.

Check out our video review of the Etekcity Voltson Smart Plugs:

Voltson Etekcity Alexa Smart plugs wi--fi

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