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LE3D Optical Illusion Light

Here's a fun way to add light to your life! These 3D optical illusion lights from LE3D are real conversation pieces that will enhance any bookshelf or table.

le3d optical illusion light

They are especially perfect for kid's rooms since they come in a variety of designs to appeal to children including animals, a train, a globe and characters such as Jasmine, Batman, Pikachu and many others!

These lamps have an acrylic panel and are touch controlled. They operate with a USB cord. You can alternate between colors or use the color-changing mode. The colors include red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink and white light.

A 3D optical illusion lamp from LE3D would make a thoughtful gift since you can choose a theme based on the interests of the gift recipient. Among the designs are a bicycle, the Eiffel Tower, a muscle car, a soccer ball and many others.

Check out our video review to see how these lights look in the dark!

le3d optical illusion lamp

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