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Proaller Sleep Sound Machine Review

Sound machines, also know as white noise or sleep therapy machines, are devices I have been using for years. This one by Proaller has a lot of desirable features. It has easy-to-use buttons that don't involve toggling one switch between different sounds. The volume control is a dial in the center that can be located and adjusted easily, even in the dark.

The sound quality is excellent, which could be attributed to the music flannel which covers the front of the device. It features 8 sounds: white noise, brown noise, ocean, stream, birds, thunder, and two different lullabys.

Proaller sound machine white noise sleep therapy

The Proaller Sleep Sound Machine also offers a

night light which has 3 levels of brightness and can be left off if your don't need it.

A USB charging port on the back of the unit provides a place to charge your phone or other device. An AC adapter plug powers the sound machine.

A detachable rest on the back allows the machine to prop up at a convenient angle. Should you want to pack the Proaller Sleep Sound Machine, you can remove the back rest so it lies flat, but you might want a smaller battery-operated sound machine for traveling and keep this one in your home or office. The sounds are perfect for baby sleep, but many adults (like me) wouldn't want to be without one.

In addition to being a sleep aid, this machine can help mask unwanted noise and allow you to concentrate on work or study.

The machine has a timer that can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes or you could let is run continuously.

What I like best about this machine is the clear sound quality and the easy-to-use controls. I've had other sound machines that are difficult to control in the dark or semi-darkness; this one excels in that respect.

sound sleep therapy white noise Proaller machine

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