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THRIVE+ After Alcohol Aid Shark Tank

Recent Princeton graduate Brooks Powell appeared on Episode 24 of Season 9 of the Shark Tank with Thrive+, a product formulated to ease the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Powell was seeking an investment of $400,000 for a 10 percent stake in his company. He was projecting sales of $25 million in 2018 and has a patent for the product.

shark tank product Thrive+ anti-alcohol aid

Powell did not get a deal, although Mark Cuban and guest shark Bethanny Frankel did get into a heated debate about the product. Cuban is usually skeptical of any product proclaiming health benefits and he wanted to hear more about the science behind the formulation, while Frankel had a difficult time getting her questions heard over Cuban.

thrive+ alcohol aid shark tank

Thrive+ is marketed as being a "sunscreen" for the negative effects of alcohol. One study reported an average of 50 percent points reduction in next-day hangover symptoms.


Although Powell did not get a deal, his Thrive+ after-alcohol aid appears to be selling well and getting favorable reviews. The company is fairly active on social media and has over 8,000 Facebook followers, has almost 6,000 Instagram followers and has tweeted over 104,000 times. The Shark Tank exposure seems to have given the product a boost!

Thrive+ Ant-Alcohol Aid Shark Tank

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