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Jake, Jimmy, and Jordan DeCicco splashed into the Shark Tank on Season 9, Episode 22 seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 4.5% investment in their coffee beverage, Sunniva Super Coffee.

Sunniva is a suger-free blend of organic Columbian coffee with coconut oil MCTs and protein added, resulting in a coffee drink that contians 10g of protein and 80 calories per 12 oz. bottle.

The idea for the product began from the dorm room of the youngest brother Jordan in 2015. After enduring daily 5:30 a.m. wake-up calls for basketball practice and having problems staying awake during classes, Jordan started brewing coffee using his own recipe with a blender in his dorm room. He experimented until he devised an enhanced coffee mixed with protein and healthy fats from coconut oil. He and his brothers teamed up to create their own company, Sunniva. By 2017, sales reaching $1 million

The DeCiccoo brothers walked away without a deal for their "super coffee". All of the sharks passed on making a deal. Both Barbara Corcoran and guest shark Rohan Oza thought that the taste needed to be improved.

The brothers have not slowed down after their Shark Tank appearance and are capitalizing on their Shark Tank fame. The product is available online at Amazon and in select retail stores including Whole Foods and Wegman's.

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