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MECO Portable Desk Lamp/Hanging Light

The MECO portable desk lamp is multi-functional. It is both a gooseneck LED desk lamp and a hanging travel light/nightlight. With 360 degree flexibility, the MECO lamp features 3 levels of brightness and a touch control.

Meco LED Desk Lamp

The lamp is USB chargeable and will last for 5 hours of continuous use at the brightest setting. At a lower level of light, it will last through the night.

I was actually quite surprised that the light is so affordable. I decided to get 3 of them!

See our video review of the MECO desk lamp:

The light has so many uses! It can function as a desk lamp, nightstand light, a light to hang on your backpack, bicycle or baby stroller or it can be carried around in your hand or on your wrist. You could hang the MECO lamp on your bed post and be able to get up at night without turning on the lights.

meco hanging light led desk lamp uses for

What I like about this MECO LED lamp:

it's fun, it's functional, it's inexpensive...not to mention that it is also lightweight and needs no batteries!

meco led desk lamp

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