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Sojoy Car Seat Cushions/Covers - IsoTowel

Sojoy's car seat cushions are a smart alternative to traditional car seat covers. If you've had car seat covers, your experience might be something like mine - they sag, are hard to get in and out of the vehicle, are hard or impossible to clean and just don't look attractive. This product is different and I'm pleased with this purchase.

The Sojoy cushions are quite easy to install and they stay in place. Non-slip silicone beads on the back keep them secure. The honeycomb design makes them breathable and they absorb perspiration, so they are comfortable to sit on after a workout.

sojoy isotowel car seat cushions covers

What I like about this product is that the seat cushions function like seat covers do to protect car seats, but they are more comfortable and practical. They can be removed easily and washed.

Now I can drink coffee in my car without worrying that it will drip or spill and stain my car seats!

sojoy car seat cushions covers isotowel

Here's the video we made of the product:

I'm happy with this purchase and will probably never go back to traditional seat covers or cushions.

Car seat cushiions cover by Sojoy

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