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Tsumbay Wake Up Light Review

Would you rather wake up to the sound of an annoying beep or the sound of birds singing? Hearing nature sounds is much more pleasing and a much better way to start the day. The Tsumbay Wake up Light alarm allows you be awakened with nature sounds and a soft light that gradually increases in intensity, much like sunrise.

Tsumbay wake up light color green

The sunrise simulation light begins turning on 30 minutes before your alarm time. The nature sounds are: Thrush singing, Kingfisher singing, Cuckoo singing, Waves, and Thunderstorm.

Doubling as a night light, the Tsumbay Light can emit light in either color-changing mode, or it can be stopped at one of the soft LED colors.

This multi-purpose lamp features a touch sensor on the top and easy controls on the bottom of the unit. It has a built-in battery and USB charging cable.

You can adjust the brightness level from very dim to bright to suit your environment.

It's the perfect size for a bedside table and is attractive enough to fit anywhere in your home. The Tsumbay Wake Up Multi-Functional Light Alarm is a smart alternative to a traditional alarm clock.

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