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ShowerPill, The Body Wipe - Shark Tank Products

ShowerPill Body Wipes were brought to Shark Tank by Wendell Hunter, Wale Forrester, and Justin Forsett on January 28, 2018 (Season 9, Episode 20). They were seeking a deal of $300,00 for 10% equity in their company.

The Shower Pill Body Wipes are not pills at all; they are Athletic Body Wipes measuring 8" by 9" and made from benzalkonium chloride, aloe left juice, citric acid, fragrance, glycerin and several other anti-bacterial ingredients designed to eliminate staph, E. coli and MRSA. The wipes are said to kills 99.9% of germs while leaving your skin fresh and soft. The wipes act like a disposable washcloth.

Wendell Hunter, Wale Forrester, and Justin Forsett were UC Berkely football teammates when they came up with the idea for a way to remove sweat and stink when there wasn't time for a shower. Some years later, they formulated the wipes and conducted market test with professional athletes. The product soon gained a lot of buzz online and sales took off.

The trio left the tank without a deal, but the sharks seemed impressed with the product. None of the three entrepreneurs could answer some of the questions posed by the sharks relating to the company's finances and their was general confusion about the product margins and net profit.

ShowerPill claims that the average shower takes 18 gallons of water and 8 minutes not including dressing and undressing, whereas using The Athletic Body Wipe takes only 30 seconds. The product is similar to Dude Wipes, another shark tank product, but the ShowerPill Body Wipe product is thicker, larger and marketed towards males and females. Unlike many products presented on Shark Tank, these wipes are actually affordable! Check them out on Amazon:


When the episode was filmed, Shower Pill Athletic Body Wipes were projecting sales of $600,000 for 2017. On the night the episode aired, they had amased a large social media following with close to 3,000 Facebook followers, 1800 Twitter followers and almost 2500 Instagram followers.....expect this number to grow!

Even though they didn't secure a deal with a Shark, you can expect sales to grow as well! Check back for updates!

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