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Wsky LED Tactical Flashlights Review

It's essential to have at least one flashlight handy at all times at home or on the road. These LED tactical flashlights by Wsky come in a 2-pack and are powerful, waterproof and feature a zoom function.

Wsky led tactical flashlights with zoom

One of the Wsky flashlights in the 2-pack is slightly larger than the other, but they are both small enough to fit in your purse, glove compartment or almost anywhere.

Having a flashlight available is handy for so many things and it often involves unexpected events. If you drop your keys in the dark or if your car breaks down, having a flashlight available is essential. I always keep a flashlight in my nightstand in case the power goes out or even if I just want to get up out of bed and not have to turn on all the lights

and disturb anyone else sleeping

When zoomed out, the first larger flashlight measures 6.22 inches long and the smaller one measures 5.62 inches long.

Each of these Wsky tactical flashlights operates with 3 AAA batteries. Five different LED lighting modes are possible: high, medium low, strobe and SOS/emergency modes. They each provide 1600 lumens of light, which is good for a flashlight of this size.

wsky led tactical flashlgith exploded view specs

One great thing about these flashlights is that are waterproof to IP65. The IP rating system measures the degree of water protection and IP65 is an excellent rating, protecting from water sprays in any direction.

These Wsky LED flashlights are durable and are made from aluminum alloy and rubber. Hand straps are attached and one really cool feature is that each has a front strike bezel, which can be used for self-defense or to break a window in an emergency.

I like the fact that these are sold as a pair so you can keep on in your car, briefcase, backpack or pause and one in your home. Check below for a video review and for a link to got your flashlight.

2 pack flashlights - wsky led tactical flashlights bezel

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