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Pictek White Noise Sound Machine Review

Pictek recently released a new white noise machine that has a unique design and features fan sounds.

It has an asymmetrical round shape and comes in a soft white and light grey color. The sound of a fan is actual white noise, the type of sound that is most soothing to the majority of people.

Pictek white noise machine fan sounds

This white noise machine does not bother with sounds such as thunder, crickets and other sounds which can be distracting or even frightening, especially to babies. It generates fan sounds which can be varied in volume and frequency.

So many of us like to sleep with a fan on for the sound

it provides, but using an actual fan blows the air around when that might not be what your need. Also, fans use more energy to operate since they have moving parts.

White noise sound machine Pictek timer

This Pictek white noise machine features 2 USB output ports, which make it handy to charge your cell phone, tablet or other devices. Most sound machines don't have the feature.

You push the large center dial down to turn the device on and off and you turn the dial to alter the volume from no sound all the way to 85 db. There are two other ways to adjust the volume and both of these alter the frequency of the sound slightly. The upper acoustic housing can be rotated and the lower acoustic housing can also be turned.

This Pictek white noise machine can run continuously on or the timer can be set for 30 or 60 minutes. It operates with an AC adapter.

White noise machines are a form of sleep therapy and a must-have for parents of babies and young children. They are used for masking environmental noises and providing pleasant background white noise to aid with sleep or concentration. Meditation can also be aided with this device.

Check out the video below to hear the soothing fan sounds:

Here's where to get yours:

baby sleep with Pictek fan white noise machine

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