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Sztrokia White Noise Machine Review

White noise is essential to many of us to mask out unwanted sound from the environment. This is the Sztrokia White Noise Machine. It is a sound machine designed to enhance sleep and is useful for nighttime sleep, for naps or for a peaceful background conducive to study, work or meditation.

Sztrokia White Noise Machine Sound

This Sztrokia white noise machine comes with a USB cord. These seem to have overtaken AC outlet plugs in the marketplace because they are much more versatile and convenient.

The machine includes ten high fidelity natural sounds: two white noise sounds, two fan sounds, two ocean sounds, thunder, storm, sleep ambiance and summer night. An adjustable volume control allows you to get just the level of sound you want.

It has a timer for 15, 30 or 60 minutes or it can just play continuously.

The Sztrokia white noise machine is compact and lightweight, making if perfect for travel. It includes a USB outlet charger for even more convenience.

Anything that helps you get a better night's sleep or a more peaceful day is worth looking into. It's a great way to help lul children to sleep and to allow you to be nearby without waking a child.

The Sztrokia White Noise Machine might be worth looking into for anyone seeking sounder sleep or a ore tranquil day.

Check out the video below to hear the sounds.

white noise relaxing Sztrokia machine

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