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Frywall - Shark Tank Product Update

Frywall is a silicone splatter guard that keeps kitchen messes to a minimum. This Shark Tank product is something most people could use and one that is actually on the market and available for purchase. The heat-resistant cone is lowered into a pan and provides a surround that contains splatters.

Frywall Shark Tank Product Orange

Yair Reiner is CEO and founder of Gowanus Kitchen Lab and inventor of the Frywall. He appeared in the Shark Tank on December 7, 2108 (Season 9, Episode 14) and secured a deal with Lori Greiner for $100,000 exchange for a 10 percent stake in the company, the exact investment that Reiner was seeking. The Frywall sales were already over $800,000 at the time of Reiner's Shark Tank appearance. Most of those sales were transacted online and it was also available at smaller retail stores.

Reiner secured a utility patent for the product. Frywall was the winner of the "Next Big Thing" competition by "The Today Show" where is was featured in April of 2017.

Cooking with Frywall - Shark Tank Product

Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John both offered 15 percent for the $100,000 ask. Robert Herjavac went out, stating that he did not know how he could help the company. Lori Greiner thought the product might be the best she'd seen this season so far. Nothing like it is available in the marketplace. There are splatter guards that go over the pan, but they don't allow you to see what you are cooking or to stir the ingredients.

The Frywall gives the cook an unobstructed view and easy access. The Frywall essentially turns the skillet into a wok.

The Frywall is available in red, orange, green and black and prices start at $21.95 for a 10-inch pan sized silicone Frywall.


This is one deal that appears to have made it quickly through the due diligence process. Lori Greiner is featuring Frywall on her Facebook page and she has tweeted about the product several times. The product appears to be selling well on Amazon, QVC and at other retailers. There is every indication that Frywall will become an even huger success.

Frywall in green, orange, black and red


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