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Lumbar Cushion with Memory Foam - Comfom - 2018!

Having good lumbar support can help prevent back pain and make you comfortable while sitting. I get back pain a lot since I am a college student and spend hours sitting in class or studying at my desk. I found something that helps alleviate the pain and improve my posture.

Lumbar Support Pillow Comfom

The Comfom Foam Memory Lumbar Buddy is a lumbar support pillow that can be used on your chair at home or the office or on the seat of your car. It features comfortable memory foam with an orthopedic design and it has a washable cover.

Memory foam softens in reaction to body heat and weight to provide custom support and this is a high density memory foam.

Comfom Lumbar Support Pillow Sizes

The fabric is a breathable and hypoallergenic mesh.

They come in black and burgundy and they come in a nice carrying bag

The two Strong stretchy straps will allow you to attach them to most chairs. There is the zipper so you can remove the cover to wash it.

Most people spend a lot of time sitting ever day so you should not overlook the importance of comfortable ergonomic seating. Lumbar support can alleviate back pain and also shoulder and neck pain

I really love my lumbar cushion and plan to use it in the chair in my dorm room. I also got one for my car. This would make a great gift for almost anyone. Get yours here:

Lumbar Memory Foam Back Support

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