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MECO Emergency Radio Flashlight Review

This is a multi-functional survival tool by MECO. It's an emergency radio, backup power supply & flashlight all in one!

MECO Hand Crank Emergency Radio Flashlight

This device can be charged in any of three ways - via USB port, via solar power through the solar panel or by using the hand crank which winds up the internal alternator. One minute of hand-cranking supports over 5 minutes of cell phone talk, 15-20 minutes of continuous torch light or 15-20 minutes of radio play (in medium volume). The radio works with am, fm and NOAA radio

It is important to be prepared for any emergency, especially weather-related situations where the power might be out or you might find yourself stranded somewhere in your car.

This multi-functional device is waterproof to level IPX 3 which allows you to use it outdoors in the snow or sleet. It's lightweight and easy to grip.

MECO radio flashlgiht

The devicehas a 6 lumen LED light and it can be used to charge your phone when necessary.You just plug this cord into here and put your phone cord in to use port

So this MECO multi-functional radio flashlight would be good to keep on hand in your home, backpack or in your vehicle. Check out the link below to see a video review of this item on YouTube and a link for where to purchase it.

Survivial Tool MECO Flashlight

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